I told Sam Reid (Managing Director of … When I had a glass of the 18 Varieties Apple Cider at the Australian Cider Awards last year, my first impression was it doesn’t taste like a Willie Smith’s. Many of these deserve a place in a well-rounded cider orchard. Some varieties, called vintage cider varieties, combine the principle taste components in a balanced way. Below are examples of the varieties that are used in all of our blends. Heritage Fruit Trees 297 Back Raglan Road, Beaufort Victoria, Australia 3373 ABN 30 006 681 590 A tour of apple orchards in France and England has led to the discovery of 15 ‘new’ cider apple varieties in Australia.NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) technical officer, David Pickering, said the study tour was supported by Horticulture Australia Ltd to confirm the identity of what appeared to be cider apple varieties in Australian collections. To produce a flavorful cider, the pressed apples must contain a balance of sugar, acid, tannin and aroma. Specific apple varieties – known as cider apples – are ideal for cider making thanks to their sugar, tannin and acid content. GRANNY SMITH |1860s| This well-know tart green apple is hard with crisp, juicy flesh and originates in Australia. The flesh of this apple is firm, crisp, and juicy with a mild sweet flavor, producing a sweet, amber, fragrant that is useful to enhance apple aroma in cider. A number of organisations in Australia provide information and other resources on growing apples and pears and cider apple varieties, including Apple and Pear Australia and CiderOz. Other cider varieties may be stronger in some taste components than others and are used in blends to create ciders with just the right balance of sweetness, acid and tannin. Also known as Black Taunton, the Kingston Black cider apple was a popular cider apple in Somersetshire, and is perhaps the most well known of all cider apples available today in Australia. It doesn’t have that trademark dusty flavour. While cider apples are relatively rare in Australia, more local growers are introducing them to their orchards. Final Thoughts on Willie Smith’s 18 Varieties Apple Cider. Typically tart and tannic, they’re almost inedible in their natural form. Any cider apple should ideally have high levels of sugar for fermentation, so the difference between them is in their levels of tannin and acidity. Cider apple varieties include the Kingston Black (left) and Michelin (right): grown and photographed by Borry Gartrell The most common variety of cider apple is the bittersweet, with good tannin and low acidity. This variety was introduced into Herefordshire c.1820 by Mr Palmer of Bollitree Estate, Weston-under-Penyard near Ross-on-Wye. Cider Apple Varieties in Australia Bittersweet Sweet Bitter Bittersharp Sharp Eggleton Styre Sweet Sweet Alford Sugar Loaf Pippin Tremletts Bitter de Boutteville Frequin Rouge Stoke Red Breakwell’s Seedling Kingston Black Foxwhelp Improved Foxwhelp Browns Apple … Cider Apple Varieties in Australia AMERE DOUCE AMERE DOUCE ACIDULEE AIGRE AIGRE AMERE Sweet Bittersweet Sharp Bittersharp Acidity (meq/L) Polyphenols (g/L acid tannin) 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Cider Classification Bittersharp Stoke Red Breakwell’s Seedling Kingston Black Foxwhelp Improved Foxwhelp.

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